About Us

Who we are

ME Learning is an innovative, global company that makes English learning happen in the classroom and online, through mobile and in print.


We aim to be the preferred, most trusted worldwide enabler of English language learning to learners of all ages, for their whole lifetime, across all learning platforms.


  • Quality
  • Confidence
  • Fun
  • Commitment
  • Innovation
  • Adaption

We promise to improve learning outcomes by focusing on quality, and giving learners the confidence to use English when speaking, listening, reading and writing. We promise to make it fun, because learning should be fun. We are committed to lifelong learning, innovation and adapting as learners develop.

Our Team

Simon Moran

Simon arrived in Japan in 1995 and started Modern English in his spare room in 1998. He has since grown that into a global business. Also a published author away from ELL, Simon is the creative spark behind the MEL brands and has a passion for quality, adaptive, innovative and most importantly fun learning.

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Zhou Hongyuan
China Manager

Zhou Hongyuan is an expert in English language learning and online education. With years of teaching experience and more than 10 years in the publishing industry with QPG, she is an experienced professional in the complex world of Chinese educational publishing.

Catherine Littlehale-Oki
Director of Curriculum – YL

Catherine has an MA in Teaching English to Young Learners (YL), is an experienced YL presenter around Asia and enjoys collaborating to create childrens’ materials. She has sung all her life, first recording at age 13. Professional interests include how language learning develops the mind and how technology promotes learning.

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Dr. Cynthia Quinn
Director of Curriculum – Adults

Currently Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Intercultural Studies at Kobe University, Cynthia holds an MA in Linguistics and undergraduate degrees in Business and German. With over 20 years experience teaching, Cynthia has published and presented on second language writing, curriculum development and vocabulary learning.

Nicola Sokell
Art Director

Nicola graduated in graphic design a very long time ago and has since travelled and painted large parts of the world. Also a DJ and conceptual artist, she makes sure all parts of the MEL worlds appeal visually to learners and hang together as a fun, colourful, distinctive learning ecosystem.

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Denis Molchanov
Lead Developer

Denis has 18 years of software development experience, including desktop apps, web applications and web browsers extensions in development environments such as .NET, Java and Angular frameworks. Currently Denis specialises in full stack web development using Ruby on Rails framework and HTML5/CSS3/Jquery. Denis makes the bits and bytes make learning happen.

Dr. Nick Campbell
Speech Communication Consultant

Nick is a Professor and Fellow Emeritus, Director of the Speech Communication Lab at Trinity College Dublin (The University of Dublin) in Ireland and has pioneered advanced, paradigm-shifting methods of speech synthesis and natural conversational speech collection.

Principal interests are speech prosody and social interaction. Ultimately working to produce a friendlier speech-based human-machine interface for web-based information, customer-services, games, and robotics, while trying to understand how humans perform such often perfect communication.


Toru Furusawa

Furusawa-san has an MBA from Manchester Business School, a Bachelor of Economics from Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan and is a Japanese Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Tax Accountant. He has 20 years experience as an auditor, tax and IPO consultant, in business valuation and on the boards of private and listed companies. He’s shy.